Snow management

A significant part of our business happens in the shortest season of the year.


We are Snow and Ice Management professionals. As a commercial business or property management firm hiring a snow removal contractor, you must make sure all aspects of your winter season maintenance are covered in a snow removal contract. In the world of commercial snowplowing, it is more than just plowing snow.

Different clients, different needs. Our winter season maintenance clients range from small retail shops in Haverhill to condominiums in Andover to industrial complexes in North Andover. We are a 24-hour snow management company. Winter storms never follow a schedule!

Businesses open at different times and storm conditions change by the hour. Condominiums and apartments have walkways to shovel and treat with ice melt. Once the storm is over, we are busy too. Our snow removal services involve hauling away large snow piles for safety and visibility.

Ice management is a need for all of our clients throughout the winter season. We constantly monitor for melting and freezing conditions and apply salt sand or straight salt to keep our parking lots safe.

Our company utilizes modern technologies to help us help you. We work with a team of meteorologists before, during and after a storm making sure your property is safe. Additionally, our GPS tracking systems allow us to communicate with our drivers and track our progress, to ensure proper care at your property.

We would love an opportunity to bid on your snow maintenance contract! If you are not happy with your snow removal service, call us today. We will meet with you and evaluate your existing snow management contract, perform a no-obligation risk assessment for your site, and submit a proposal based on your property’s individual needs.

And don’t forget to ask for a list of references of other commercial businesses in Massachusetts like yours that depend on Ground Care Landscaping’s snow management services to keep their parking lots and properties clean and safe throughout the winter!