Lawn Irrigation Systems

Perhaps the best investment you can make to your landscape is a professionally installed irrigation system


It is a widely accepted fact among realtors that a lush lawn of green grass is the number one factor to having great curb appeal. At Groundcare Landscaping, we are not only lawn irrigation contractors in Northern Massachusetts – we install lawns too. New lawns that we install with an irrigation system have a much better success rate and faster growth than lawns that do not have an automated sprinkler system.

Irrigation systems today are very water-smart. Rain sensors shut the system off when natural rainfall has provided adequate moisture for the grass. Lawn rotors are sectioned off in zones. The digital controller allows you to program specific times for specific locations in your yard. Shady areas receive less water than sunny areas. These irrigation controllers even have odd-even day cycles if you live in a town that has instituted a water ban.

Daily watering actually conserves water! Dry soil repels water. An automated lawn sprinkler system applies a measured amount of water at the same time every day. The soil around your turf stays moist even through the summer. A garden hose and lawn sprinkler are the worst offenders in wasting water. They are not calibrated or timed. Usually, you see them come out in early summer when it’s too late – after the moisture has left the ground.

Ground Care Landscaping provides more than the installation of your irrigation systems – we also service our customers with the seasonal maintenance and occasional repair that comes along with them. In Massachusetts, your lawn irrigation system needs to be blown out in the fall to prevent frost damage to the lines. In the spring, a simple start up and checking the system for leaks and broken heads is all routine for us.

We want you to have the best value your landscaping dollars can buy. A professionally installed irrigation system is one of the best values around.