Walkways and Patios

Concrete pavers have become the number one choice for walkway materials among homeowners in Massachusetts.


At Ground Care Landscaping, we find that most of the walkways and patios we have installed in recent years are pavers. For the longest time, red clay bricks were the preferred walkway material that complemented the classical colonial home styles here in the Bay State. In the past decade though, concrete pavers have replaced clay bricks because they are available in a wide variety of colors and patterns that best match the style of any house. They are compression-molded, meaning they’re durability is twice that of a poured concrete floor, making them a great choice for driveways as well.

A walkway is only as good as its base. Concrete pavers make an excellent choice for walkways, patios and driveways, but how long that patio lasts depends on how well the base is constructed. In Massachusetts, we are subject to frost freeze-thaw cycles, and in some cases poor drainage. Pavers are “segmented,” meaning they allow for a little shifting, and are more forgiving in this climate than poured concrete which can crack permanently. But they are not structural in and of themselves.

Concrete pavers are installed in a thin layer of sand that is on top of a base of compacted gravel. If that gravel base is not thick enough, or compacted well, the patio or walkway installation will sink and settle. Using stone dust or the wrong kind of sand will also cause problems in a walkway installation. It’s hard enough work to build the patio once – but to have to pull it up and do it again is unthinkable! Doing it right the first time has never been more applicable than in patio and walkway construction – and “doing it right” means building it on a properly prepared base.

At Ground Care Landscaping, our concrete paver installers are experienced and trained in the best practices for installing patios and walkways. Our motto is “Service With Integrity.” We are able to stand behind our work because we always do it right. Consult with us today on the best solution for a brick paver walkway or patio that’s right for you and will last a lifetime!