Everybody needs a helping hand sometimes!


There are some jobs that do not necessarily fall under the category of landscaping – that is, making your yard beautiful – but simply require some muscle to complete them.

Ground Care Landscaping provides general labor services to our clients, making available manpower with or without machinery on an hourly basis to help you tackle those unpleasant tasks you’ve been putting off.

We are flexible with your “odds-and-ends” landscaping projects too. If it’s not in your budget to hire us by contract, we will work at an hourly rate – at your direction – until you accomplish what you need done. You are the general contractor on the job. This program can work very well for folks who want to fix up a part of their yard, but have a fixed budget in order to accomplish it.

Why pay for a piece of rental equipment for eight hours and spend the entire day learning how to use it? We can provide you with a Bobcat and operator to move a big pile of loam or gravel to level out your yard or spread tons of stone with ease.

General labor services may not be glamorous, but for us, it’s all part of being in the “happy customer” business!